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Janjay Village of Hope is engaged in several community empowerment, health and education focused projects for impoverished people in rural Grand Bassa County, in the Republic Liberia. 


Janjay Village of Hope is primarily a 501c3 organization dedicated to education, advancement and the well being of children. Our goals begin and end with the development of ecosystems that advance children’s development. In pursuit of these goals we are asking for your support. We seek financial donations, sponsors, volunteers, and partners. We’ve broken ground and are fervently working to build the school and the supporting infrastructure necessary to provide clean water, electricity, meals, school supplies and transportation to develop and sustain the management of the facility.



School District Vision


Education Advocacy & Outreach

The Janjay school building alone can not meet the overwhelming need and demands of Grand Bassa County so maintaining the integrity of the school (mother ship) is critical to success. Therefore we have developed a strategy that takes into consideration the overwhelming need in the region.  We intend to proactively train, equip and deploy teachers to be a simple mitigating presence within the villages that surround the school campus. The funding allocated for outreach will resource these teachers to begin teaching basic reading, writing and mathematics within the villages that feed the Janjay School. We will also utilize these teachers to recruit candidates for the Janjay school. 



The Janjay Village of Hope School will serve as a feeder location in partnership with the 35 villages that surround the campus location. Our relationships and partnerships will become the natural progression into economic opportunities where students will have the chance to apprentice into job or career disciplines. We will also offer students the opportunity to teach what they’ve learned during their studies and beyond their graduation. We will implement an “each one teach one” culture to accelerate learning up and down the community value chain within Grand Bassa, County.


JanJay Village of Hope is committed to addressing the extreme educational gaps in rural areas by serving:

Grand Bassa County is one of the poorest counties in Liberia with 74% of households with unmet basic needs are headed by women.  The county has a population of about 245,000 people with only one referral hospital that is at the verge of closing due fund issue. The county is known to one of the highest child mortality rates of all fifteen counties in Liberia with 101 deaths per 1,000 live births compared to the national average of 78 deaths per 1,000 live births (2008 Census Report). Children younger than five have less chance of surviving with 160 deaths per 1,000 children. Sicknesses such as malaria, malnutrition, and diarrhea are common causes of death among children. Over 60% of women give birth outside of a health facility. The situation has even worsened with the Ebola crisis in Liberia resulting in more than 4,600 cases and 4,000+ deaths and causing severe social and economic breakdown across the country. According to Liberian authorities, the virus spread disproportionately, in that 75%  of Ebola cases and deaths were women, due to the role they play as primary caregivers of the family. Many of these caregivers were girls under 30 years or rural woman. Today, early and unwanted pregnancies rate is very high as a result of depravation and lack of family planning.

Long-Term Impact

More than 5,000 residents will have access to the health center to provide adequate medical services. Some of the impact measures are listed below: 

•    More than 1500 women, girls, children,  infants, will have access to health services 

•    More than 1500 women, children, girls will be linked to referral services 

•    More than 1000 children and infants will have access to nutrition and vaccinations 

•    More than 1000 women will have access to safe and clean deliveries 


• Vulnerable children with no access to


• Vulnerable people with no access to health

   services in rural areas

• Vulnerable women and children in a rural area

  to gain access to treatment and counseling 

• Youth with no access to training and


• Young women who desire education  to live a

  fulfilling life 

• Orphans who either lost their parents  to Ebola 


  1. Construct a new elementary school to improve education among rural children

  2. Reduce illiteracy rate  among rural school-age children

  3. Construct a new healthcare facility to improve education among rural children

  4. Increase community integration through education and health services

  5. Increase resource mobilization through partnerships 

  6. Soliciting donated textbooks and teaching materials to help support children learning 





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