Janjay Village of Hope (JVH) located in Dowein, District #1, Grand Bassa County, Liberia, West Africa.


Grand Bassa County in West Central part of the Liberia has one of the highest child mortality rates of the fifteen counties in Liberia, with 101 deaths per 1,000  live births compared to the national average of 78 deaths per 1,000  live births. Children fewer than five have even less chance of surviving with 160 deaths per 1,000  children.


According to the 2008 census, Grand Bassa is also one of the poorest counties in Liberia with 74% of households with unmet basic needs headed by women. Not surprisingly, there is a strong correlation between education, poverty, and health, as Grand Bassa County has the lowest literacy rate of all fifteen counties, at 35.6%  of adults can read and write.




Rev. Jacob T. Harris, Sr. and his wife Magdalene (Maggie) G. Harris, had a dream to cater to the poorest of the poor children in Liberia. This dream became a deep passion, and mission to accomplish God’s purpose, so they purchased sixty-seven (67) acres of land in Liberia, to complete the mission.  


Maggie grew up with her late grandparents in the village. Growing up, she knew what it meant to go to school every day without desk, chair, books, or pencils. She knew what it meant to come home and met no food. Maggie ’s mother passed away at age 8. However, through the grace of God, her Aunt with the help of her foster parent took Maggie out from the village life at age 10 and gave her an opportunity to be educated.  


 As Maggie looks back on her upbringing after 38 years, the situation for education has not changed for many children in Liberia. Given the preceding, all she and her husband dream about is, making the difference for children who do not have the opportunity as Maggie once was. Maggie often says “I know the impact of education on my life. Now, I am in the position to be an agent of change for vulnerable children and their families in the village. Education is the passport to the future. My aunt gave me that passport, and it is my time to give back to the neediest children”. This dream will come to reality; because, God has divinely connected us and placed us on a team with people who have even greater passion than we do. 

Mission, Vision, and Core Values


Mission:  Janjay seeks to be the agent of change that helps provide a structured, safe, Christ-centered learning and healthy environment for rural Liberian children. 


Vision:   Janjay will continue its participation in the maintenance of a societal system that provides an opportunity for Liberian citizens to maximize their human capital.


Core Values: Our core values flow out of our passion and commitment to serve and share God’s love with every child enrolled in the Janjay Village of Hope School.


The following values guide our practices in fulfilling our mission:

  • Sharing the love of God

  • Educating the whole family with a focus on the children

  • Increasing academic skill levels so children can excel 

  • Partnering with those who share our mission and vision 

  • Treating others with respect and dignity

  • Providing spiritual guidance and modeling integrity


Who do we serve? 

Janjay Village of hope is committed to addressing the extreme educational gap in District #1; particularly those in the Dowein area. 

  • Serve needy children with no access to education in Grand Bassa Couty, Liberia. 

  • Provide 70% of vulnerable children including orphans with scholarship assistance;

  • Provide 30% children with reduced tuition based on their financial needs; 

  • Students will receive school supplies including, text books, backpacks, and uniforms as long as they remain in school. 

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Grand Bassa County Liberia, West Africa